Leading a healthy life is kind of like a puzzle- if you want to see the end result, you have to connect a lot of pieces!

Grow Your Health is a new, web-based program for Vinton County that will help you connect several of those puzzle pieces, including access to fresh produce, cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables, safe food preservation, and more. 

Jess Bowen, Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator, will provide all the information you need to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Kate Homonai, Family & Consumer Sciences Educator, will share information about the health benefits your produce can provide, demonstrate food preservation, and even show you a few fun recipes to try!

Grow Your Health sessions will be presented live on Zoom. To gain access to the Zoom session, we ask that you register here


Session 1 Resources:

Click here to access the recording of Grow Your Health Session 1

Ohioline Fact Sheets:

    Click here for Farm to Health: Maximizing Nutrients and Phytonutrients in Ohio Produce

    Click here for Gardening with a Physical Limitation

Session 2 Resources

Click here to access the recording of Grow Your Health: Session 2